Paul and Connie Coriz


“My name is Connie Coriz and I am a true Pueblo Native American.  My village is called Santo Domingo Pueblo.  It is located along the Rio Grande between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  My husband and I have been making jewelry since I was 18 years old – and when I met my husband, Paul, he was a farmer. Together, we started making jewelry after we got married in 1998. My husband quickly caught on doing mosiac inlay and I caught on with cutting and drilling turquoise, and from there on we started our business. Our five children have shown interest in following our traditions and we are so proud of them.  Right now, all of them have 9 to 5 jobs but they help us out in the production area when they are not busy. We hope you will appreciate the traditional beauty of our heritage and the way we share our selves in our work.”

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“We are Pueblo Indian, from Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico. We come from a strong and unique history of traditional inlay jewelry. Taught by our elders, we hold onto this tradition and pursue to keep our rich culture alive. The majority of our jewelry is inlay using natural stones. We are pleased to present our culture and art to you.”