Candee Osborne taking photos of red rock in Southern Utah
Candee Osborne, born and raised in Ohio, has always loved to draw. Her parents encouraged Candee’s creative drive and she graduated from Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cooper laid a solid foundation for her future, as she majored in Illustration and minored in photography. The immersion in art easily benefited Candee, as her creativity soared and she learned to draw and paint from live models.

She found her second “home” when she moved to Utah. It didn’t take long for her to find the perfect fit, when she shopped her portfolio of work and landed a job at Western Advertising – an advertising agency located in Provo, Utah.

Her early years in art gave her the advantage in a future that included various agencies as a graphic designer and art director for more than 30 years. Candee began her own graphic design business, Candeesign, in 2006, where she continues to stay busy providing high-quality advertising and branding to loyal clients from coast-to-coast.

Although she works in many mediums –– including charcoal, pastel, watercolor and oil paint –– her favorite subjects are Native American portraits and interesting faces of any culture.

Candee remains grounded in long-lasting relationships, and loves her family, grandchildren and a menagerie of pets. In her spare time, she does her own organic gardening and travels to art shows and museums. A highlight of her adventures included an extended journey to Paris, France. The great outdoors and vistas of the American West bring her great joy in being able to observe the changing seasons from the Rockies to the Southwest deserts.

“Visiting Paris was a dream fulfilled. My art school friends shared the art and architecture with me. The Old Masters and French impressionists made a lasting impression on my life.”