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Lynn Chamberlain

My hope is that those who view my images, and those of other photographers, will develop a deep respect for this beautiful world and a reverence for wild things and wild places. It has been my experience that we defend that which we understand and love. My goal is to effect the lives of those that see my work in some small way and to have a positive affect on natural things.”

Lynn Chamberlain has spent over 40 years photographing the wildlife and wild places of the United States. His interest in nature photography led him to earn a bachelor of science degree in biology from Southern Utah State University and a bachelor of arts degree in photography from Brooks Institute of Photographic Art and Science in Santa Barbara, California.

In his early years, Lynn was fortunate to grow up with a father who loved spending time in the outdoors and constantly shared his knowledge of Geology, Botany, and Zoology with his young son. Lynn proved to be an eager student and seemed to be able to remember much of the information handed down to him by his father. This relationship created an intense love of life and a curiosity about all things wild that has inspired him to share the world through his photography.

Over the years, Lynn has covered much of North America from Maine to California and Alaska to Hawaii – capturing the beauty of the land and the majesty of its’ wildlife. He has been published in many national magazines, several books and numerous other publications, and Lynn has a lot of experience promoting outdoor photography on television. He was the producer and host of the “Photo Tips” segment of a television show entitled “Utah Wild” which aired on PBS for 8 years. In 2006 and 2007 he produced and hosted a weekly show for The Outdoor Channel called “Outdoor Photo Adventures.” He is now engaged in the production of photography education videos that are available on the internet.

Lynn has developed a philosophy over time that is fundamental to the work that he produces. Simply stated, it is “the more you know about nature and wildlife, the better you will be able to capture it through the lens of a camera and the more enjoyment you will have along the way.”

Considered an educator with a camera, Lynn loves to share everything about wildlife and nature almost as much as he loves creating beautiful photographs. He teaches advanced courses in digital photography at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah. His popular workshops and seminars are always well-attended by engaged, enthusiastic audiences. Online viewers find his videos very informative, detailed and appreciated by all who love wildlife and delight in learning the fundamentals to advanced photography in the wild.

A native of Southwestern Utah, Lynn lives in Toquerville, Utah with his wife, Kay. They have five children and enjoy sharing experiences with family and their 20 grandchildren.

“I have spent a lot of time surrounded by beautiful things in my life. Nature gives me peace and a reverence for the God who is the father of us all, and who created this wonderful world for us to enjoy. Now that I am retired, I look forward to spending even more time in the wild. I feel like my very best work is yet to come. I want to share the journey with you through my images.”