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WebrandWest Creative Artisans

WebrandWest presents a collection of artisans whose creative energies in different mediums are a collector’s delight. Working in clay and stone sculpting, photography, paints, leatherwork, woodcraft or silver jewelry and gemstones – each artisan has been vetted to ensure the pieces are 100% handcrafted in the USA. WebrandWest friends possess a love for the land and cultures. They become storytellers in each piece they create. We hope you’ll enjoy browsing these unique interpretations of Western-influenced art, and select an item or two to become your own treasured heirlooms. Revisit us often to see new artists – many whom are yet to be discovered.

Creative souls find inspiration here…

People who live in the West are truly blessed to live amidst landscapes that are inspiring and sacred. Magnificent mountains, racing rivers, arroyos and sandstone hoodoos, salmon-hued deserts dotted with wildflowers, grasses and sage that meet endless blue skies on the horizon and surround the senses.

Westerners embrace these landscapes as eternal gifts –  as did “the Ancient Ones” who revered Mother Nature’s seasonal offerings of bounty. These early people built their communities in this rugged landscape, seeking rock features with shadowed overhangs and precipitous walls that made safe-havens for thriving populations who left their indelible marks on the rocks – storytelling and histories  – that have remained puzzles without full translation by modern man.

WebrandWest Creative Artisans

May you have a season of inspiration and creativity in your future, too.

Preparations are underway for a great adventure to share. As seasons change, we are adding many new ways to introduce those ready to join us as we present learning workshops in areas of America’s western national parks – taught by some of these artisans, and other seasoned professionals. More information coming for the 2022 seasons, beginning with Utah’s “Mighty Five” –  Arches, Bryce, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion National Parks.

Native American Scholarships

WebrandWest is proud to be a donor to Native American Scholarships. WebrandWest donates a percentage of every purchase toward helping preserve Native American heritage for future generations.