James Goodman

James Goodman, one of the most talented, affable and helpful artisans you’d like to keep company with. His works have been selected to show in some of the most prestigious galleries – yet none of this acclaim goes to his head. His friendly demeanor is always welcomed in artist gatherings and studio settings. J-Nez Art Studio in Albuquerque is the place he calls home. His creations when completed, speak for themselves. Yet, the stories he learns from each of his pieces when he begins the process of turning stone into storytellers, are unique to each touch, and spiritual to the heart of James. Every collector who has the pleasure of ownership of a Goodman creation can tell you the peace and joy that it brings them in their home, as well.

“I discovered the POEH Cultural Center and Museum, north of Santa Fe, NM, where I attended the stone sculpture classes at the Center for three years. Through hands-on guidance from Robert Dale Tsosie, Adrian Wall, Carl Bernie, and Ryan Benally, I have honed my knowledge of the character and personality of stone. During the past four years I have been creating these sculptures at J-Nez Art Studio, and my studies and interpretations have rewarded me with ribbons in many categories, including 1st Place, Best of Category, and Best of Division.”