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Mary Hogue

I am a self-taught artist and began creating gourd sculptures in 1998. I want my sculptures to elicit an emotional response in the viewer. I am inspired by the American West with its’ rich tradition of native art forms. The process of my gourd art begins at planting the gourd seed. 

There is nothing quite so inspiring as taking my canvas directly from the earth. I incorporate the natural colors and markings of gourds. Through wood burning, carving, and inlaying, I attempt to create something truly unique with each piece, and to enhance the natural beauty of the gourd.

 My work has been displayed at many venues in Utah and beyond, including the Springville Utah Museum of Art, the Provo City Library, the Woodbury Gallery, Covey Art Center, Park City Arts Festival, the West Valley Cultural Center and the U.S. Botanical Gardens in Washington, D.C.

All Images Copyright of Mary Hogue.

“I am attracted to rounded forms which gourds have…among other shapes. They inspire me and tell me when they are finished. Sometimes, I dream about what I want to create with them, and when I wake up I seek out that gourd to find the perfect one for the dream I had. I often draw one or have a design pop into my head many times. Filling my reservoir with ideas is easy with all the beauty of Nature around me…”