Lanny Hathaway

Born and raised in rural Spanish Fork, Utah, Lanny Hathaway grew up surrounded by seven siblings in a busy home. Encouraged by his mother to build an appreciation for all life’s good things, Lanny took immediately to the beauty in art and music. His love for the land and wanderlust for adventure took him on many journeys throughout the West.

A carpenter by trade, Lanny always had the ability to create works of art with his hands. Thus, he and began collecting wood from re-kill areas in the desert landscapes of Utah. His favorite wood is Juniper with its twisted forms and texture – and it calls to his artistic heart. His rustic Juniper furniture pieces are finely crafted with skill and patience. Each collectible piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

A highlight of Lanny’s career was when he was commissioned to build furniture for an upscale cabin in Wyoming. He created a 27-foot window seat, Juniper dining chairs, a large display case, and custom-framed the client’s Western art collection.

His furniture has been featured at galleries in Park City, Utah and beyond, and pieces have been lovingly created and shipped to clients across the country.

Lanny’s paintings have earned accolades and ribbons in art shows from metropolitan Salt Lake City to rural communities along Utah’s Wasatch Front. He began watercolor painting in the late 90s, then ventured into oils and other mediums such as charcoal portraits of cultural in-studio models.

He has hosted gatherings of artists in his studio to draw and paint from the models and has earned a reputation for his hospitality and willingness to share time and space with artistic, creative peers. The palette knife and oil paint are his forte’. His subjects include old farms, homesteads, and desert landscapes. Each painting is custom-framed with a select variety of wood from his collection, and the finishing touch is the gold-leaf, lending a vintage quality to his work.

Lanny’s love of music is also appreciated among his many fans and friends. He is a guitarist and sings at coffee house open-mic nights weekly. At request, he can render any number of favorite pieces that entice an audience sing-along – his favorite musicians are Bob Dylan and Paul Simon.
Lanny Hathaway is in touch with nature and the land. He loves to garden, and makes wine from his own vineyard, while also tending to a menagerie of pets that include three dogs and five cats, along with a handful of egg-laying hens.

“I see a desert landscape in every piece of furniture I build. A distant mesa, a cottonwood oasis, a dry canyon, a wind-eroded ridge. Images of wind and sand polished stone. Sandstone walls of shaded canyons, colored by water, minerals and time. All these images go into creating my furniture. And most of all the weather-worn and sculpted Juniper trees. Come, sit, and enjoy the beautiful vista of a quiet, peaceful desert in a one-of-a-kind Hathaway original.” 

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