Maybe it’s not about the happy ending…maybe it’s about the story.

I spent some time in the woods with my man this afternoon. The object was to fell a tree, saw it up and load up the truck. Grand, is becoming quite the logger and developing skills I would never have imagined…especially when the bugger gets hung up in the branches of surrounding pines.
I was so determined to be of some help, and started to roll these mammoth logs down closer to the truck. I hadn’t even gotten a dozen taken care of before I was sucked into an asthma attack like I haven’t had in a longggg time~
It got so bad, I scarred myself, and was picking out a song I want sung at my funeral. HA…

The rest of the story?
Well I’m here typing away at the keyboard.
LG, unloaded everything he’d cut when we got back to the cabin. Gulped down a hot meal of grits and seasoned field peas, and is passed out in his easy chair.

It’s good sweater weather, with more than a nip in the air.
I will eventually bring all the flip flops upstairs and store in a closet for next spring.
I love this time of year…when the earth is preparing for the great sleep…which is just around the corner.

We have grand young’uns coming for Fall Break, tomorrow. I’m excited. Time to keep my Happy Jack, lit. Cook up a batch of pumpkin deliciousness, and keep a soup simmering on the stove.

To love in gratitude…is to touch heaven.

May it be as darkness falls, your heart remains true.