Home is not where you’re from…it’s where you belong~

Last year around this time in October, we shared a few days taking care of grand youngun’s at their home in Orem.
I was outside in the backyard.

The sun was just right to catch the simple breathtaking beauty of, the one leaf of red.

I have always thought up until that moment, that if I was to be remembered in some regard to God’s beauty …let it be in the brilliance of a wild sunflower.
But I have changed my mind.
Not sure exactly what it was, that made me catch my breath, as I bent down to pick one up, and place it in my pocket.

The air was crisp,
the distant call of kids to one another, while jumping on the tramp…
the bark of the neighbors dog,
or hum of the heavy equipment on the street just one over…
Maybe the chuckle of my son?
A song on the radio, as a car passed by.

A feeling of overwhelming nostalgia caught in my throat, as I stifled a sob.

My daughter was married in this yard, several years ago in October. I always felt that the theme and decorations, had been enhanced by the natural fall of leaves as they floated to earth.
The golds, the burnt orange tinged in brown and…
the reds.

My grand parents taught me about work, and respect for the goods of nature…in this yard.
My Dad, worked with and trained his beloved dog in this yard…
my sweet husband raked, and raked and gathered up leaves in this yard, teaching a grandson about the delights of accomplishment…
Was it the pungent wisp of roasting potatoes in the piles of raked leaves as we chose to burn off piles of them?

Decades of stories and memories washed over me, as I inspected the veins of the red leaf and put it somewhere safe to take out and look at in the future.

Maybe it is that I am getting older in the tooth.
My blaze of the sunflower, is coming of age.